About Stafflex

Stafflex is a specialized supplier of professionals in Industry, Civil Engineering, Infrastructure, Civil Engineering and Energy & Sustainability. Stafflex supplies clients with selected specialists who can strengthen their organization in the commercial field and in the preparatory and executive phase, production or organization.

About the project

The website is made for employers and employees to not only find information about Stafflex but also for employers to find employees and for employees to find the right job for them. This is done by making a specific page for both. These pages are available through the buttons in the header. Stafflex can add jobs and candidates through the WordPress back-end. On these pages the visitor can use different filters to find the perfect match for their needs.

More about the project

The website is built with the “Accesspress Parallax Pro” theme. It has been modified to fit their requirements. By using a prebuilt theme the costs of making the website got reduced significantly and more time could be spent on the content and custom functionality.